Sunday, August 17, 2014


Number 8

Somehow EA managed to get another spot on my top ten list. This company used to put out some really fun games back in the day. Though the entire trilogy was great on the Genesis, number 2 was always my favorite. 

If you have never played a game in the series, it kind of plays like a Gran Turismo, with combat added in. You grind through races in order purchase new bikes. Races look and play great considering the hardware they were developed for. The game uses some programming tricks to create a scaling effect, and it works out nicely. Win or lose all races end with a more often than not humorous cut scene. The music while nothing amazing, fits the racing atmosphere perfectly. During races you will engage in combat with other riders. You can kick, punch, club, or chain your enemies (granted you have stolen one of said weapons at some point in the race). There are also police officers that will harass you as well. If you crash your bike near an officer, you will be caught by them and the race will end. Other obstacles include animals, road signs, traffic, and cross streets. One of the cool features, is that if you wreck your bike you must run around on foot until you get back to your bike. You can actually make a sprint for the finish line and win the race on foot, if you are close enough. The game also sports a two player split screen mode.

I didn't own this game when I was younger, but I have lots of memories of playing Road Rash II at friends houses in split screen, or renting it from the video store. There was always a great rush in chasing your friend, finally closing the gap with the thud of your club knocking him from his bike. This game definitely has an RPG feel to it, and I am sure I have poured countless hours into its wonderful rolling hills, and stateside scenery. A true gem.

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